Recruiting Ex-Offenders

Around 20% of the UK workforce has a criminal record, so the chances are, whatever size of business you run, you’ve recruited, interviewed or at the very least, considered an application from an ex-offender.Which, let’s face it, is no big deal… except that many employers (especially those in smaller businesses) don’t know their legal obligations and rights when it comes to employing ex-offenders. And in the absence of knowledge, the vacuum is all too often filled with unnecessary concerns and even prejudice – sometimes resulting in a blanket ban on recruitment of this particular segment


The pioneers of staff wellbeing

A recent blog from the CIPD about the original chocolate manufacturers and their support for staff wellbeing, got us at ChorusHR thinking about other well known business pioneers of the 19th and 20th century, who went to great lengths to look after their employees.It’s interesting to note that the welfare of the workforce is not wholly

To pay or not to pay (a rise)?

The latest CIPD report shows that UK employers are falling into one of two broad camps when it comes to salary increases: ‘yes’ and ‘no’. The ‘yes’ group are the 40% whose employees received a pay rise of 2% or more in 2014. Another 42% have instigated a pay freeze (39%) or even a pay cut (3%) in the same period.Not such a simple questionThe decision whether to make an annual increase to salaries may seem simple on the surface: