Scary visitors in the workplace

Halloween is nearly upon us and with it comes the potential arrival of the usual list of scary visitors. Keeping [ ] The post Scary visitors in the workplace appeared first on


Award-Winning HR

Every year, the Chartered Institute for Personnel & Development dishes out the People Management Awards. Let’s not call them the HR Oscars… but they probably are the highest awards for human resources work in the UK. And as such, they tend to go to dedicated HR folks, working in large (or huge) organisations. So, is there anything here for the average SME (the equivalent of an indie film producer, compared to the Hollywood machine)?The invisible HR departmentAfter all, the average SME may not even have an HR administrator much less a director! However, whichever

Parental leave – the basics

Time off work when a new baby arrives can be a divisive subject. Maybe you take a close-to-home view like Katie Hopkins, who a couple of years ago was up in arms about babies being luxury items that employers shouldn’t have to fund with paid time off (ignoring the reality that the government will refund up to 103% of statutory maternity pay to small