Will HR be taken over by robots?

As we turn another year, the sci-fi predictions from years ago seem to creep ever closer. Whilst we may not be quite up to the advances of the 25th century and the universe that Buck Rogers knew well – advances in technology are rushing forward at breakneck speed. Each year we see more and more of the reality that existed in science fiction, come to life across all sectors of industry from transportation to healthcare.Wherever you look there are adverts for the latest technological ‘must have’ gadget and news abounds on the advancement of


Workplace or playground?

Dating back to at least the 17th century, the proverb “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is still familiar today (and in these less gender-specific times, we can probably agree that too much work makes Jill a dull girl, too!). It used to be that work and play (sometimes referred to as “life”) were seen as opposites to be kept in balance. But in the last decade or so, the boundaries have begun to blur as workplaces are transformed into creative play areas. Or at least, that’s the case with some employers, the best example being the well-known