Should I stay or should I go?

Europe. In or out? Brexit or Remain? Whatever your personal inclinations or gut instinct, if you’re remotely interested in voting based on neutral information, you’re probably having a hard time of it at the moment. While a certain ex-mayor seems particularly liable to be caught spouting nonsense, it’s fair to say that both sides of the debate are relying more heavily on emotional propaganda and sarcasm than they are on hard facts. One arena which often seems to crop up in response to the question, “What has the EU ever done for us?” is employment law. The Remain side imply that without


Choosing the right appraisal for your business

The process of appraising the performance of employees (however complicated it might be) has a simple purpose: assessing the performance of employees performance to help the business achieve its goals. First, you ensure each individual understands what is expected of them in their jobs and that they have the skills and knowledge to do that job. The appraisal bit is when you sit down and discuss how they’re doing. Assuming you’ve decided that there’s some benefit to carrying out appraisals, the next question

Should HR carry a health warning?

A recent research study carried out by MetLife Employee Benefits suggested that nearly one in seven HR staff have felt ‘physically threatened’ during their working day. A worrying statistic when you consider the mediating role HR is designed to play in work-related disputes; it’s the department to turn to for employee related help and advice – the listening department not the battering department? The study goes on to suggest that 27% of HR professionals have to deal with bust-ups amongst employees and 26% have to deal with fall-outs between senior management! When threats are aimed