Employee Satisfaction Surveys for SMEs

You think your employees are happy, content, satisfied … but how do you know? The latest CIPD/Halogen Employee Outlook report has just been published, giving an insight into the UK workforce’s satisfaction levels (63% are satisfied with their job, in case you’re wondering). Such formal survey exercises are common


Can your managers manage … feedback?

Many skills are essential to being a good manager but given that every manager manages people (the clue is in the title!) the ability to communicate is arguably the most essential competence for the job. And when it comes to communicating, giving an employee feedback about how they’re doing their job can be a particularly tricky type of communication to deliver. Whether you’re telling someone they’re doing great or the opposite, the message may be simple but the person on the receiving end may find it difficult to hear (in face, many people find it harder to accept

Is your leadership transformational?

As a business, you can look at improvements to your products, services, customer dealings, sales & marketing, but sooner or later, if you want the best possible return, you need to take a look inside; at the people and culture who are delivering all this for you. If the organisation isn’t set up to perform at maximum efficiency then no matter how sharp the rest of it is, you’re holding yourself back. So, how do you lead and manage your people in a way that transforms both your team and organisation? What is “Transformational Leadership”? In short, it’s the difference