Succession Planning for Brexit

As Brexit continues to dominate the news… As the law courts find themselves in conflict with the government of the day… As MPs choose between party lines and their own consciences… As employers complain that Brits will be too unreliable


Are Your Employees Proud?

Here’s an easy pride check. When you meet someone new and they ask, “What do you do?” do you say, “I work in sales/IT/management/etc.” or “I work for X company.”? In other words, which are you more proud of (or more willing to confess to): your job or the organisation you do it for? Does it matter? Pride is a funny thing. You know when you feel it yourself but it may be difficult to detect in others. Culturally speaking, it’s also a little ‘un-British’, excessive pride being somehow in bad taste. Broadly speaking, US culture has much less of a problem with declaring

The importance of probation

No hiring process is perfect The reality is, no matter how sophisticated your recruitment, no matter your use of targeted advertising,strict application sifting, rigorous interviewing, andso on… sometimes the best candidate just isn’t the right person for the job. Maybe their skills aren’t as good as they seemed in the test. Maybe their experience isn’t with businesses like yours. Maybe they’re just not a good fit with the team… Whatever the issue, a probationary period allows you to dismiss them (on grounds of performance or conduct) using a simpler process than if