When is a bonus not an incentive?

Teamwork, high performance, productivity… it’s all about motivation, right? And no matter how many fancy theories we dress it up in, motivation comes in two basic flavours: carrot and stick. Offering some kind of bonus, large or small, is one of the most common carrots and there’s an endless variety, from annual cash bonuses for specific achievements to bonuses that reward consistent attendance. But does a bonus scheme really always lead to the performance results you want? A few bonus thoughts Firstly, be aware of why you’re using the bonus in the first


To bonus or not to bonus?

In recent years, bonuses have emerged from the list of potential rewards and incentives that a business might use to motivate its employees. In fact, thanks to the last few years and the global banking crisis, bonuses have acquired something of a tainted reputation. Just the mention of the word conjures up images of pin-striped ‘fat cats’ continuing to receive their unfair rewards regardless of performance.Yet this is not necessarily fair to the concept. Bankers aside, bonuses remain a potentially fair and motivating form of reward, maybe especially in SMEs – like anything, it’s all in