Employee engagement

According to the CIPD’s latest Employee Outlook survey (from autumn 2016), the UK workforce remains more than a little unengaged with its work. The CIPD looked at four key engagement factors: how much influence people have over their own job, how well they feel their skills are used, how motivated they feel, and their willingness to put in extra effort. If we average out these four results to get a crude overall engagement score, only 30% of workers feel ‘engaged’ (it’s worth noting that


Can your managers manage… performance?

According the CIPD’s latest HR Outlook survey, employees tend to see their leaders as competent when it comes to technical, financial and operational matters but not so much in terms of people and performance management. In fact, 46% see performance management as one of the top five leadership behaviours needed over the next three years. So, that begs the question for all of us: do we need to be better at managing performance? Why bother with performance management?

To pay or not to pay (a rise)?

The latest CIPD report shows that UK employers are falling into one of two broad camps when it comes to salary increases: ‘yes’ and ‘no’. The ‘yes’ group are the 40% whose employees received a pay rise of 2% or more in 2014. Another 42% have instigated a pay freeze (39%) or even a pay cut (3%) in the same period.Not such a simple questionThe decision whether to make an annual increase to salaries may seem simple on the surface: