The importance of resilience

It’s not really news to say that UK-based businesses are facing high levels of uncertainty. Article 50 may have been triggered but while the press froth about sideshows like Gibraltar (sorry, Gibraltar!) the reality is that we’re hearing little to nothing about exactly how the government plans to support the UK’s international trade situation (and the Foreign Minister’s glib comments are hardly reassuring). So, as businesses ponder the prospect of


The importance of probation

No hiring process is perfect The reality is, no matter how sophisticated your recruitment, no matter your use of targeted advertising,strict application sifting, rigorous interviewing, andso on… sometimes the best candidate just isn’t the right person for the job. Maybe their skills aren’t as good as they seemed in the test. Maybe their experience isn’t with businesses like yours. Maybe they’re just not a good fit with the team… Whatever the issue, a probationary period allows you to dismiss them (on grounds of performance or conduct) using a simpler process than if