Leadership – are we seeing any?

In just six weeks’ time, we go the polls for a rather unexpected general election. Some are saying it’s all about leadership – as in who will lead the country best through the turbulence ahead (i.e. Brexit) – and certainly the focus on the leaders of the various political parties is intense. As to the leadership qualities of those heading up the two main parties – that’s Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn, in case you’re living in a cave without internet access – opinion is unsurprisingly divided although it’s fair to say that neither are receiving compliments from anyone except their own


10 steps to transformational leadership

In a previous post – Is your leadership transformational? – we talked about the key indicators of transformational leadership in a workplace: namely, everybody benefits, shared values, and positive change. To dig a little deeper into what a transformational leader should be doing to create a really efficient business culture and workforce, let’s turn to a 2015 report from the CIPD, Landing transformational

Is your leadership transformational?

As a business, you can look at improvements to your products, services, customer dealings, sales & marketing, but sooner or later, if you want the best possible return, you need to take a look inside; at the people and culture who are delivering all this for you. If the organisation isn’t set up to perform at maximum efficiency then no matter how sharp the rest of it is, you’re holding yourself back. So, how do you lead and manage your people in a way that transforms both your team and organisation? What is “Transformational Leadership”? In short, it’s the difference

Transformational HR – the basics

Transformational leadership is all about improving your business and not only taking the people with you as you do so, but seeing employees as active partners in that improvement. The human resources function (whether you have a dedicated HR manager or your people processes and policies are managed by one or more people in the business) can be an essential driver in the process of transforming your organisation, putting significant time into future-focused activities such as talent management (ensuring the right people with the right skills will be available at the right time) and using tools