Leadership – are we seeing any?

In just six weeks’ time, we go the polls for a rather unexpected general election. Some are saying it’s all about leadership – as in who will lead the country best through the turbulence ahead (i.e. Brexit) – and certainly the focus on the leaders of the various political parties is intense. As to the leadership qualities of those heading up the two main parties – that’s Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn, in case you’re living in a cave without internet access – opinion is unsurprisingly divided although it’s fair to say that neither are receiving compliments from anyone except their own


BREXIT and Employment Law

Looking beyond the first few weeks of the Brexit aftermath, the political posturing and general unpleasantness so widely reported in the press, what are the likely longer term impacts on employers? UK employment law is substantially derived from our EU membership and we’re looking at disentangling 40+ years of legislation. Not all of it will change. Arguably, not much should. Let’s not forget that whatever the origin of much of our workers’ rights, to become part of UK law, they were debated, voted and passed by the UK Parliament – the precise provisions in place were chosen by the government(s)